“Wh” and “How” Questions Game

Baby in deer suit with Christmas present box eating cookieChristmas Game with “Wh” and “How” Questions!


Santa Claus is coming to town! Here is a new Christmas-themed game for you to play with your child. Create and come up with Christmas related questions:

  • 25 “What” questions ex) What does Santa like to eat?
  • 15 “Where” questions ex) Where do we put stockings?
  • 10 “Who” questions ex) Who is the reindeer with the red nose?
  • 10 “When” questions ex) When does Santa come?
  • 10 “Why” questions ex) Why does santa wear a big, warm coat?
  • 10 “How” questions ex) How do you make hot chocolate?

On the game board, create special spaces! If your child lands on a space with a present, they get to take another turn! If they land on the coal, they lose a turn or go back a space, whichever you decide. This game is easy to make! You can laminate the game board and game cards.


Articulation Activity

Rebus Activities for Articulation

Rebus activities use pictures or symbols to represent words and phrases. By substituting images for text, children have a fun activity to practice skills such as articulation (speech sound production). This is a great activity for nonreaders, as they can participate in storytelling by naming each image as the story is read aloud. The stories can vary in length and in the difficulty level of vocabulary. Make your own rebus stories using cut-out or online/computer images and lots of creativity!


For printable rebus stories, check out the link below!



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