Games to Practice Articulation

25 Fun Articulation Session Ideas

1)      Print two copies of tpt articulation cards or an articulation card deck to play go fish.  This is great for the word level up to the sentence level. Also for any students working on /g/ or “sh” because there are many repetitions of the phrase “Go Fish”.

2)      You can also use target articulation cards to play memory match.

3)      Articulation Race is another fun activity I like to do with my students. I place cards into four corners of the gym and tell them to run to a corner and run back to me to practice their sounds.

4)      Toss/bounce a ball back and forth while saying sound.  Another great activity to keep the students active and engaged. Make sure to have ground rules before doing this activity otherwise things can get out of hand. I have several light-up balls that are the students’ favorite.

5)      Build a puzzle. Either have a set number of sounds to say before racing to put a puzzle together or give a puzzle piece after the student says each sound.

6)      Place each card into a group/category after practicing the sound. This could be used at the phrase or sentence level (e.g. “A kangaroo is an animal”). This is great for mixed speech groups.

7)      Track the number of words, phrases or sentences the student can produce in a speech session. This can be done with a clicker/counter. Have the student try to beat their record each time they practice using the best speech sounds they can.

8)      Read a book together. Alternate sentences or paragraphs. Even my middle school students enjoy this one. If you want to send homework have the student write down words with their sound they encounter or encourage them to read more to a speech homework helper and write those words down.

9)       Describe words with their sound in them to the student. Have them guess what the word is. This is another great activity for mixed speech groups and students can take turns describing each other’s words.

10)   Another great mixed group activity is having students name 2-3 words in a category that have their sound. For /s/ students working at the sentence level they can name things that are sweet, sour or salty (e.g. Pretzels are salty but suckers are sweet).

11)  For students working on /r/ have them name something that is brown, purple, orange, red, or green and have the student to tell you its color.

12)  I have so many students that love to color. I try to have coloring sheets available or copies of Webber’s Jumbo Articulation Drill pages when students ask to color. I have my students practice their sounds a certain number of times while other students are coloring and then they alternate between coloring and practicing.

13)   During holidays, I try to have a craft available for students to complete. I do this several ways with articulation students. They either practice sounds at the level they are working on a certain number of times before completing a step to the project or I have the students glue articulation pictures on their project or write articulation sounds on them. I have a bunch of Webber Jumbo Articulation Drill pages cut and sorted into sounds.

14)   Have students string beads as they practice target words.

15)  Play tic-tac-toe using target words.

16)  Have students play hangman with their target words. If you don’t feel like they are getting enough practice in, have them practice articulation words 3-5 times before guessing a letter.

17)   After a student practices a word have them give an antonym, synonym or definition of the word. Another good activity for mixed groups.

18)   Play games in speech! There are so many that can be easily adapted to fit speech goals. Just have the student practice their sounds before taking their turn.

19)   Use  worksheets as bingo cards. Have an extra copy to cut up and use as call cards.

20)   Build a face, snowman, block tower or Lego creation as students practice their sounds.

21)  Have the students build their own sound book. If you have old magazines they can cut out pictures with their sound and glue into a notebook.  I have made mini sound books for younger students as well. Students are excited to take these home and share them with their family (also, it encourages them to share as speech homework).

22)   Have the students practice their words using silly voices (just make sure they don’t strain or hurt their voices)

23)   Go on a scavenger hunt for speech cards around the room. This can be also done in the dark with a flashlight.

24)   Have the students draw pictures of their speech sounds. Encourage them to draw as many as they can. This is also another easy speech homework activity.

25)   Build a story is a popular game for my students working at the sentence level or carry over. This can be done in a group or one-on-one. I have students that are working at the conversational level say 3-5 sentences of a story before passing the item to the next person. This is another wonderful activity for mixed groups as it helps build narratives and language organization process.

Check out this page for tons of articulation cards to practice with!