Parental Tips

As a family centered clinician,  I rarely take credit for my client’s progress.  I know that it is what parents practice at home every day that helps the child reach their goals.
Today I decided to ask parents of my clients who have made rapid progress toward their speech therapy goals to tell me their secrets.  What do they do at home that helps their child make progress so quickly?

Here are some of their tips:

  1. Set aside 20-30 min everyday at the same time to work on therapy goals
  2. Take advantage of every opportunity that arises to practice a goal, whether in the car, at a stop light, or at the park
  3. Involve everyone in the family, including Grandma! This helps goals generalize into new settings and with new communication partners. The more people that are helping your child with his goals, the faster he will achieve them.
  4. Use siblings as a model during games.
  5. Keep it positive. Take a break if the child becomes frustrated
  6. Never show frustration
  7. Keep praise specific- “good try” vs. “That’s right!”
  8. Use a reward system
  9. Practice goals in different ways. This facilitates carryover.