Christmas Themed Game to Practice Articulation!


What’s in the Stocking?

Written by Emily K. Hulse

Speech-Language Pathologist, Christine Wilson, has a variety of FUN games and activities at her clinic. One of our favorite games is called Ned’s head. What’s in Ned’s Head? Who knows? A rat? An eyeball? Reach in and find out! This icky game of funny feeling fun will have children giggling with delight as they race to pull an object out of Ned’s head and match their game card! It is perfect for children who need help describing (What does it feel like?), storytelling (How did this get in Ned’s head?), and matching. You can play your own customized games. For example, fill Ned’s head with articulation cards and turn him into a silly articulation game.

If you are in the Christmas spirit, try playing What’s in the Stocking? Pick a stocking and fill the stocking with objects of your choice. Try to pick objects with sounds that your child is currently working on in Speech Therapy. For an example, if you child is working on “r”, put objects containing the letter “r” in the christmas stocking (red crayon, red fire truck, train, etc.). Play this game as you would Ned’s Head. Make articulation cards that match the objects in the stocking. This game is a fun way to practice articulation skills with your child at home!

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Speech-Language Pathologist Christine Wilson. Merry Christmas!

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