About Mrs. Wilson

cropped-logo.pngChristine Wilson is a FL state licensed speech-language pathologist, certified by ASHA (American Speech, Language and Hearing Association).  She has 13 years of experience in diagnosis and remediation in speech and language disorders with both children and adults.  After earning her Master’s degree from Central Missouri State University in 2000, she worked in Florida’s public school system with the Language Learning Impaired program.  From there, Christine worked in hospitals and out-patient care centers with adults and children.  Her therapy repertoire includes, but is not limited to: voice, articulation, expressive/receptive language disorders, Autism, feeding, stroke recovery, swallowing disorders, auditory processing, and neuro-motor disorders.

A repeating ACE award earner, she often earns over 100 hours of continuing education in a calendar year.  Included in this education was a comprehensive Pediatric Dysphagia 105 hour course.  Christine’s therapy approaches are fun and functional for all ages.  She combines the latest technology with the best practices to ensure optimal outcomes.  Home programming and patient/caregiver education expedites her therapy programs.

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