Speech Therapy in the 21st Century: Using iPad Apps for Home Programming!!


Downloading and using speech apps on your iPad at home is a great tip for home programming!! There are a variety of apps that focus on different areas of speech. Christine Wilson suggests that when using the iPad, the child does not become the operator!! Progress will be seen if the parent operates the iPad and sits down with their child to make sure he/she is verbalizing what he/she wants before allowing them to just select random options on the iPad. What a great way to practice speech at home!! Below are some of our favorite speech apps.

Hamagucci Apps:

  • FunwithVerbs: Fun with Verbs & Sentences is the next step up for children who are learning to speak in sentences, understand past and present verb tensing, and formulate basic syntax structures. This app is great for children who have autism, apraxia and language delays.
  • Prepositions: “Speech with Milo” apps were created by a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, and have been downloaded over 100,000 times. Milo is for speech therapists working with children, or parents who want to teach language skills to their children. The app offers an enjoyable tool used in therapy at a cheap price!
  • MoreFun: This app will help your child with directions. It includes the following concepts: up, down, in front, behind, put in, take out, above, below, turn on, turn off, on, under.
  • First Phrases: This is a perfect app for young students who are just beginning to combine 2 or 3 words together to communicate.
  • PicSentence HD: Picture the Sentence HD is another great speech language app from Hamaguchi! It is fully customizable to increase competence. It will also provide many different opportunities to work on auditory processing and memory retention skills.
  • FunWithDirections: Designed to provide a fun and engaging way to practice listening, following directions, colors, spatial concepts, auditory memory and auditory processing.
  • Objects: Home: This app is designed for children ages 6-12, but can be adapted for younger and older users. It is perfect for children who need practice with defining, describing, vocabulary development, explaining, and understanding salient features (what’s important) about an object or place. It also offers an excellent way to integrate articulation and fluency practice!
  • BTLines1: Designed for older elementary students and up, who would benefit from practice interpreting vocal intonation, facial expressions, perspective-taking, body language, and idiomatic or slang expressions.

Practice with Language Skills:

  • Fun & Functional
  • Idioms
  • Pragmatics
  • WH Questions
  • Using I and Me
  • Negation
  • IrregularVerbs
  • IrregularPlurals
  • Parts Speech


  • R Game
  • Articulation
  • Articulation Carnival
  • Flipbooks
  • SpchFlipBk
  • VowelViz

Sound Apps:

  • AuditoryVerbal
  • SoundExplorer


  • ApraxiaCards (LinguiSystems): Treat childhood apraxia of speech with appealing pictures and a precise, organized hierarchy of word selections and prompts.

Happy family of three with tablet computer in cafe

Christine Wilson’s clinic is a family-centered practice. Christine requires home programming for all of her patients. She demonstrates techniques and activities to do with your child at home. Using apps on the iPad for home programming is a great way to practice speech with your child. When home programming is used on top of speech treatment, Christine guarantees progress will be faster!!

If you are looking for a speech therapy, look no further!! Christine Wilson’s speech clinic is currently accepting new patients. Give the office a call today to schedule an appointment!!

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