Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! Here at Christine Wilson’s Speech Clinic we LOVE our clients, they truly make our jobs enjoyable and exciting every day. Checkout these fun therapy activities that are centered around today!!

Valentine Heart Challenge:

Take the Valentine Heart Challenge!! This activity is designed to be used with real valentine “conversation heart” candies. You can choose to use the black and white version and have the kids color in the hearts instead of using real candy.
Here is how it works:
(1) Challenge your child to say their target speech sound 100 TIMES.
(2) Give your child a copy of the Valentine Heart Challenge.
(3) Place a bowl of candies in the middle of the table.
(4) Each time they say an accurate production of their speech sound, they get a candy to place over one of the candy pictures on their sheet.
(5) Their goal is to have 100 accurate productions!!
(6) At the end of the session, enjoy your candy treats!!

Action Articulation:

This black and white printable has a Valentine’s Day theme that children can practice their articulation skills in a fun way: speech drill paired with gross motor exercises. Two different sets of activities are included. Kids love getting up and moving around while practicing their speech sounds with the various gross motor challenges!!

Words From My Heart:

February is the perfect month to remind ourselves of the importance of speaking kindly and giving positive feedback to those around us. As teachers/educators/and parents, we are role models that need to set the example for our students through our words and actions. Use this activity to share a positive message with your student/child about the qualities that make them special and unique. This activity also serves as a great way to address social skills and perspective taking—viewing how we see others as well as ourselves through the descriptions and word choices we make.

Heart Train:

How to play:
(1) Place all cards face down.
(2) Child take turns choosing cards and state at least two meanings for each word the on the chosen card.
(3) If two or more meanings are given, the child roll a dice and move the appropriate spaces.
(4) If chosen, follow the directions on the included wild cards.
(5) The first person to the end of the “heart train” is the winner!!

Valentine Game Board:

Cut out and laminate the Valentine Game Board and Game Cards. This game board can be used with any speech and language goals. Watch out!! If you land on half-eaten cupcake you have to draw a game card. The game card will give you directions on how many spaces you need to move backwards. Have fun playing a Valentine’s Game!!


We hope you enjoy these awesome Valentine’s Day freebies!! Remember, if you or a loved one are looking for speech therapy, contact Christine Wilson’s office today!! We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.

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