Ways to Use Play Food in Speech

Post brought to you by The Speech Bubble SLP:


1. Sequencing: Have students tell you ( or another student ) the steps to make one of the items, then have the students or yourself follow them.

2. Following Directions: Give the students steps to put together or arrange the foods.

3. Describing: You can use the EET ( Expanding Expressions Tool ) if you have it, if not, no biggie. Have students describe the ingredients of the foods and/or the foods themselves.

4. Comparing/Contrasting: Have students compare and contrast the different foods. I love doing this when I have the items on hand!

5. Syntax/Written Expression: Students can work on sentence structure as they tell you which one is their favorite, what they like, what they don’t like, how the make their at home, etc.

6. Requesting: These are basic food items and should have images on most AAC programs. You can program these into a student’s device and have them ask for each item or a specific food.

Have a tasty time!

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