One Item Therapy: Playdough

Written by Nicole Allison – Speech Peeps

Go into any therapy room and you’ll see it.


As an SLP, it’s one of our essentials.

Like my other One Item Therapy resources, it’s all about simple with this product. With the busy schedules we have, I wanted a packet that would be meaningful and fun for our students but also didn’t require a lot of precious prep-time.

Unlike some of my other One Item Resources, this packet contains a lot of STEM activities, with a slant towards language development. For that reason, you’ll see things included such as building a solar system and talking about vocabulary such as “rotate, revolve, gravity, and axis.” Your students will also be building shapes and towers using play dough but I always gear these activities with a language focus.

One Item Playdough1

We had so much fun using smash mats, building planets, towers and following directions with play dough.


Here are a few other activities included in this packet: 

*Stem with coins-How high can you build?
*Stem-Build 3D shapes
*Playdough solar system
*Sink or Float Experiment
*Playdough Letter mats
*Following Directions
*Writing Observation Worksheet
*Generic Smash Mat (to be used to target any skill)
*CVC Smash Mat
*Verbs/Nouns Smash Mat
*Conversation/turn taking
*Tags for student gifts






What’s even more, I’ve included this resource for free in my new Resources for Mixed Groups Video Package! I hope you have as much fun with these activities as we have!

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