Rainy Day Activity


Rainy Day Vocabulary Craft: Following Directions, Vocabulary, Sorting

This is a super fun craft that is great for a rainy day, but can be used throughout the year to work on vocabulary and categorizing as well. First you will need to help your child make some umbrellas and rain drops. Make sure the raindrops are big enough that you can put pictures on them later. To work on following directions with your child, make a set of directions for completing this craft.  Make as many of these as you want, the more you have the more you can categorize. You will also need to get some small pictures of common objects to put on your raindrops. Try to choose a few objects from various categories. For example, choose a few foods, such as raisins, a few clothing items, such as buttons or sequins, pieces of paper, etc. Glue one object onto each raindrop. That can be part of the directions you give your child to complete the craft. Then, write each category on one of the umbrellas. For example, one might say “clothes” and another might say “foods”.

Now that your craft is done, you can use it to practice vocabulary and sorting! Lay the umbrellas out in front of your child. Hand your child a rain drop and say “what’s this?”. Once your child tells you what it is (or you help him say the name of it), ask him which category it goes it. Is it a food? Clothing? What color is it? Place the rain drop with the appropriate umbrella.

Enjoy this rainy day activitiy!


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