Language-Based Reading Disorders Resources

Language-Based Reading Disorders: Resources for Parents

Created by JRReed & Posted by Emily K. Hulse

Games to play with your child:
  • Boggle and Boggle Jr.
  • Scattergories, Jr.
  • Scrabble Jr.
  • Sea of Vowels
  • Go Fish For Letters
  • Monster Consonants
  • Dino Vowel Jamboree
  • Beach Party Blends
  • Goofy Galaxy Word Endings
  • Ice Cream Party, Beginning Consonants
  • Do Bones, Long Vowel Rhyming Words
  • Cosmic Critters, Consonant Blends
  • Ladybug, Ladybug, Short Vowel Rhyming Words
  • Python Path, Phonics Word-ending Game
Computer Programs for Your Child:
  • Earobics, Cognitive Concepts
  • Reader Rabbit Series
  • Jumpstart (all grade levels)
  • Thinking Things
Websites to Check out:


Questions or concerns? Contact Speech Language Pathologist Christine Wilson

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